Project AGV

The final project for the year 2015/2016 was to build a steering system for an existing agricultural automated guided vehicle (AGV). The existing vehicle was presented in the form of a model. The steering system needed to enable the vehicle to automatically drive over the fields that needed ploughing. In our model we used black lines and infrared sensors instead of GPS to determine the vehicles position. I worked as part of team MooiWark. We developed the vehicle together. Initially my specific tasks were determining technical specifications and writing the manual. Later I directed the building of our model and when the programmer didn’t have enough time to finish the project due to unexpected developments I took over his task and wrote the rest of the program for the vehicle. The vehicle uses a stepper motor that is easily removable to steer. For the propulsion it uses a single DC-motor. The vehicle uses three sensors to detect lines and can make a 180 degree turn to the next line without assistance. The vehicle uses an echolocation sensor to detect objects blocking it’s past, the vehicle will go slower when it’s nearing an object and will immediately come to a full stop when an obstacle comes within a certain range. The program is written to be as adaptable as possible. Set parameters for distance can easily be changed and sensor and actuator input is converted to real world values before it is processed. This means any part can easily be switched out and the only extra programming that has to be done is the conversion settings. The following video demonstrates several tests of the AGV.


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